Programmers Hardware Database

The Programmers Hardware Database is a wiki project aimed at collecting hardware information that is mostly relevant for software developers, including, but not limited to:

  • links to datasheets / user's manuals / technical reference manuals
  • memory maps / register layouts (when datasheets are not available)
  • sample code
  • links to software projects
  • ...

This information is collected for various devices, such as:

  • ICs (CPUs, SoC, application processors...)
  • consumer electronics
  • PC hardware
  • peripheral hardware
  • embedded development systems
  • ...

Currently the most active category of topics is embedded hardware, most notably consumer electronics, embedded development systems and the SoCs used in these devices. Please have a look at the recent changes for an up to date view of new wiki pages.

For a full motivation and description of project goals, have a look at the about page.

Please feel free to make use of and link to the wiki pages of the PHD at your desire. Also, feel free to contribute any kind of hardware information to the PHD. Any suggestions and input from the Embedded Linux community, and an exchange of knowledge and expertise, are highly appreciated.

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